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What is a doula?

Most asked question I get!

What a doula is to me

As a doula, I am not sure I can fully encapsulate this question for everyone. I will answer what I personally feel when approaching this beautiful gift. A doula is the best tool during your family planning life. It’s a new perspective. An extra heart full of love, support and empathy. An extended family member. Your biggest fan and advocate. Your calm in the storm. Your community. The person who holds space for your heart, your feelings, your choices, your wishes, your dreams and any need you have in that moment. They are your family/partners supporter, helping them navigate through any of those things to best support and surround the process with care and compassion.

In technical terms

(my services personally) 

-Emotional support: Birthing person, Family, Partners, Siblings, Hypnobirthing, Loss 

-Physical support: Labor, Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding, Babywearing, Sibling support 

-Zoom support: same as all of the options available, minus the physical part of labor 

-Family planning: Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth plans, Postpartum plans, Feeding logistics, Loss plans

-Local resources: On demand help to find the best local resources i.e. midwives, doctors, lactation consultants, therapists, birthing classes etc

-Other resources: trained carseat safety technician and able to help set up events for expecting and growing families

Please reach out!
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